With the exception of "Season of the Hag" and "The Rise and Spectacular Fall of Midcentury
Crime Comics," all of the following features are copyright © 2010-2016 Rue Morgue Magazine.

100 Years of
Shirley Jackson

My award-winning retrospective for Rue Morgue includes interviews with Sarah Weinman, Ruth Franklin, Sarah Langan, and Melanie R. Anderson.

A Darkness
Down Under

My Rue Morgue cover story features in-depth interviews with Babadook writer/director Jennifer Kent and designer Alex Juhasz. 

Season of
the Hag

My Halloween feature for award-winning alt weekly Metro Pulse delves into the life and career of the rising-star illustrator known as HagCult. 

Slashed Beauties

My Rue Morgue feature examines the strange popularity of realistic, dissectible anatomical wax models.

Only Women Bleed

For my Slumber Party Massacre retrospective, I tracked down the women behind the only feminist slasher series.

Axes and Eyeballs

My Rue Morgue feature examines the weird history of controversial comics imprint Eerie Publications. 

Take Me to the
Other Side

My Rue Morgue cover story dives into the 125-year history of the world's most popular tool for dialing up the dead.

Hot Rods and

My Rue Morgue feature about an EC-style horror comic with a psycho-surf soundtrack from Grim County Coroners. 

The Spectacular Fall of '50s Crime Comics

My CrimeReads feature recounts the strange story of how the crime comics biz censored itself nearly to extinction.

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