7 Facts about The Island of Dr. Moreau

My first Mental Floss piece, about H. G. Wells's classic body horror novel.


8 Facts about The Monster at the End of This Book

My Mental Floss piece about your four-year-old's favorite suspense novel.


7 Fast Facts about Maniac Magee

My Mental Floss article about Jerry Spinelli's kidlit classic.

Shirley Jackson page.png

100 Years of
Shirley Jackson

My award-winning retrospective for Rue Morgue includes interviews with Sarah Weinman, Ruth Franklin, Sarah Langan, and Melanie R. Anderson.

© 2016 Rue Morgue Magazine.

Babadook page.png

A Darkness
Down Under

My Rue Morgue cover story features in-depth interviews with Babadook writer/director Jennifer Kent and designer Alex Juhasz. 

© 2014 Rue Morgue Magazine.

Hag Cult_edited.jpg

Season of
the Hag

My Halloween feature for award-winning alt weekly Metro Pulse delves into the life and career of the rising-star illustrator known as HagCult. 

Slashed Beauties page.png

Slashed Beauties

My Rue Morgue feature examines the strange popularity of realistic, dissectible anatomical wax models.

© 2016 Rue Morgue Magazine.


Zombie Movies

My (highly subjective) Mental Floss rundown of 25 of the greatest zombie movies ever made.​

Eerie Pubs page.png

Axes and Eyeballs

My Rue Morgue feature examines the weird history of controversial comics imprint Eerie Publications. 

© 2010 Rue Morgue Magazine.

Ouija page.png

Take Me to the
Other Side

My Rue Morgue cover story dives into the 125-year history of the world's most popular tool for dialing up the dead.

© 2015 Rue Morgue Magazine.

Grimm County page.png

Hot Rods and

My Rue Morgue feature about an EC-style horror comic with a psycho-surf soundtrack from Grim County Coroners. 

© 2016 Rue Morgue Magazine.


The Spectacular Fall of '50s Crime Comics

My CrimeReads feature recounts the strange story of how the crime comics biz censored itself nearly to extinction.