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On the Goosebumps Adaptations

Stine opens up about the decades-long process of bringing his iconic kidlit series to the big screen.

On Rosemary's Baby and Lock Every Door

Sager and I dive into his third thriller, 2019's Rosemary's Baby-inspired Lock Every Door

On Adapting His Ben Walker Series 

Golden gives an in-depth look into the process of turning his adventure-horror novels into an upcoming television series.

On the Evolution of Ghost Stories

Chapman explains the twisted roots of his haunted-narrative ghost story, The Remaking.

On Reimagining a Legendary Crime 

My interview with Ius, titled "Love and Madness" originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of Rue Morgue Magazine.

On True Crime and Crime Fiction

Mina discusses the increasingly blurry line between true crime and crime fiction. 

Four Authors on King's Influence

I talk to Paul Tremblay, Jennifer Hillier, Christopher Golden, and Linwood Barclay about King's impact on pop culture.

On The Dark Corners of the Night

Gardiner talks about her UNSUB series, America's fascination with serial killers, and her high-profile move to Blackstone Publishing.

On Optioning The Warehouse 

Hart offers an in-depth, behind-the-scenes account of the sale and subsequent option of his breakout dystopian thirller.

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