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The following flash fiction was originally published by Shotgun Honey.
Street at Night

Flash Fiction:
"One Bad Spin"

For the rest of my life, I’ll never be anything but The One Who Left Mom Alone in the Car That Night. It’s like landing on the “bankrupt” wedge on Wheel of Fortune—no matter how well you’ve played the game, one bad spin undoes it all. I’ll never 

Image by Luke Stackpoole

Flash Fiction: "Judith"

I watch the man I’m going to kill as he finishes his coffee and orders another. He doesn’t notice me—he’s too busy cataloging the younger women scattered around the diner to take interest in an aging housewife... 

Image by Yener Ozturk

Flash Fiction:"Blood and Red Tape"

The man on the floor looks to be around 150 pounds, which means his body contained about five liters of blood. It seems like most of it has already leaked out onto the rotting linoleum of the old Half Time Deli on Route 431...

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