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Editing Services

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(Not representative of my actual editing process.)

Wherever you are in your journey to a finished manuscript,
I can help you get to the next step. 

I'm an award-winning author, editor, journalist, copywriter, and scriptwriter with twelve years of experience writing and editing for print and online outlets across North America. I’ve provided services ranging from big-picture developmental edits to laser-focused line edits on a number of novels and nonfiction books, several of which have become bestsellers in their categories. I'm also an agented and published author, so I understand the process from both sides---I'll be your toughest taskmaster and biggest cheerleader, rolled into one.


I love working with writers to help them develop ideas, shore up story structure, fine-tune character arcs, identify themes, punch up dialogue, sharpen prose, and hone their voice. I can help you get started on your book, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your first draft, polish your final manuscript, or write an effective query letter. I’ll also work with you to help you learn the subtleties of industry language and sensibilities so that you can represent yourself more confidently in today’s market. Whether you're just flirting with the idea of writing a novel or preparing your manuscript for submission to agents or publishers, I offer a wide range of services to help you get closer to the book you want to write. My clients are writers at all career stages, from beginner to bestseller. If you’re looking for an editor and think I might be a good fit, please get in touch! I’d love to hear about your project. 

Rates and Services

I offer services for every stage of the writing process, whether you're starting at a blank Word doc or polishing your query letter. 

All prices are in US dollars. 

Phone or Zoom consultation (one hour): No idea how to start the process of writing a novel? Got a finished manuscript and need help coming up with a list of agents who rep what you've written? Questions about POV, genre, or story structure? We can use this time to discuss any writing- or publishing-related issues that are on your mind, from story development to finding representation. We can brainstorm ideas for your novel, put together a plan of action for querying agents, critique your outline, talk about your query letter, or whatever is helpful. I'll review up to ten pages of written material prior to our talk. $75

Edit letter: I'll read your entire manuscript and send you a detailed email explaining what works, what doesn't, and how you can make your book better. I'll lay out your strengths and weaknesses regarding plot, character, setting, pacing, world-building, point of view, voice, etc. You'll get big-picture edit suggestions as well as notes on any writerly tics that jump out (we all have them) and tips on how you can sharpen your prose and hone your voice. $495 up to 90,000 words. If your manuscript is over 90,000 words, contact me for a quote. 

Full developmental edit: I'll give you all the big-picture notes mentioned above, plus I'll mark up your entire manuscript, leaving comments, suggestions, and revision notes throughout the text. $.02 per word

Copy editing: I will mercilessly scour your manuscript and edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, and continuity. This option is best for manuscripts that have already undergone extensive beta reads and revisions. I won't tackle any major structural problems or voice issues, but I'll clean up and sharpen your prose. $.008 per word

Line editing: This is copy editing that has seen the world and gotten fancy ideas about its station in life. Besides editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, and continuity, I'll also offer suggestions on things like sentence and paragraph structure, word choice, and stylistic issues. $.015 per word

Proofreading: If you just need someone to comb your manuscript and fix your typos and grammatical errors, I’m your huckleberry. Note: Proofreading is NOT editing; if you're hiring a proofreader, your manuscript should already have been beta-read/workshopped, revised, and polished within an inch of its life; otherwise you're wasting your money. $.004 per word

Full manuscript development package: The whole enchilada--you'll get unlimited phone consultations, an in-depth edit letter, line edits and revision notes, a final proofread before you send it out the door, and unlimited passes on your query letter. $.03 per word


Here's what a few of my clients are saying: 

“It’s become part of my routine: I never publish a book unless April Snellings has edited it. Precise, unique, and professional, April’s editing style is one where even the smallest of edits—even individual word choices—pack a wallop.”

E. Carter, Amazon bestseller


“I’ve used April Snellings for several books and projects and she’s hands-down one of the best, most talented editors (and writers) I know. I’ve hired several editors through the years and April’s in a class of her own. She’s worth every penny and more. (I’d even go so far as to say that what success I had at the beginning of my career was in large part due to her HUGE assistance.)”

S. Mitchell, Amazon bestseller


“Writing is more of a lifestyle than a career for me, but when I started seeking growth and publication, April Snellings was always involved. I’ve known her for more than half my life and I can say, without hesitation, she is one of the best, most creative editors I’ve ever met. In addition to natural talent, it’s obvious that a lot of April’s skill comes from her industry experience through decades working her way up through the trenches as a writer and major contributor to more publications than I can afford to buy. She’s intimately familiar with the market and its fluctuations, as well as the unspoken expectations of the editors and publishers who write the contracts and sign the checks so many writers long for. That knowledge alone makes her invaluable to anyone wanting to compete in the field. On the flip side, publishers benefit greatly from her ability to translate business to craft. Unlike other editors who may swing too timid or harsh in review, April calibrates for the individual and wastes no time explaining exactly how to refine a piece on a deadline. Aside from that, she is unnaturally tolerant of my insolent nature, chronic tardiness, and excessive commas, for all of which I pay extra.”

F. Hinkle

Ready to get started? Just have questions? 

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