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Author Coaching


(Not representative of my actual coaching process.)

Are you looking for more than an editor?

Let's be honest: writing a book is hard. Writers of all experience levels can benefit from having someone to guide them from an idea to a finished manuscript. Maybe you’d like a partner to steer you through the process, read pages as you write them to make sure you’re staying on track, and lead weekly brainstorming sessions to keep your story moving forward. Maybe the thought of writing a novel is overwhelming and you need someone to help you break it down into manageable steps. Or maybe you just need someone to keep you accountable so the pages keep piling up. 


Whatever the case, I can coach you through the process of writing your book. We’ll work together to create a roadmap that will help you go from blank page to finished manuscript in a timeframe that’s ambitious, attainable, and, most importantly, customized to accommodate your life. Services include weekly editorial feedback, writing instruction that’s custom-tailored to your unique needs, personalized goal setting, and phone calls and email access whenever you need guidance. 

Rates and Packages

I offer a range of author coaching packages designed to fit your schedule, goals, and budget. 

My author coaching services are structured as no-obligation monthly "subscription" packages that include weekly phone calls, thoughtful, in-depth reviews of your work, unlimited email access, progress tracking, goal setting, and editorial input. Every week we'll set goals, monitor your progress, discuss whatever you need to talk about, work through problems, brainstorm ideas, and review your pages.   

All prices are in US dollars. Payment is expected via PayPal at the beginning of each month, and you can cancel anytime--no commitment required. Weekly billing also available.

Pages reviewed
Phone/Zoom access
Email access
10 pages per week
One 30-minute call per week
$200 per month
20 pages per week
Two 30-minute calls per week
$300 per month
Up to 50 pages per week
Three 30-minute calls per week
$450 per month
$600 per month

Ready to get started? Just have questions? 

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